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Exclusive tours in Russia,online AND offline!

Welcome to Russia!

Hi! My name is Olga Cardamone, and I'm a licensed guide from Russia!

I grew up in St. Petersburg and has felt enchanted by museums and Russia’s rich history since I was a little girl, going on field trips to the Hermitage with my class. I have been working with guests from the US visiting Russia since 2012. Having gone through rigorous courses at the city’s major museums, I provide tours of the Hermitage, Peterhoff, Catherine’s palace, the Faberge museum, and lots of other beautiful churches and mansions located in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In 2014, together with my husband Doug I started a boutique tour company called Eagle Travel, providing tours to Russia and visa support mainly for guests from the US. In 2016, we moved to California to be closer to our guests and provide even better customer service. Every summer, I bring groups to Russia’s most beautiful cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Golden Ring).

When COVID-19 put many tour companies in debt, Eagle Travel stayed in business, thanks to virtual tours of Russia that I have been conducting since April 2020. It’s been an amazing journey, and now Eagle is able to provide our guests with a quick and easy way to relax, unwind, and explore a new country. No need to get a visa, buy a ticket or sit through a long flight! All you need to do is to turn on your zoom, and you are in Russia!

Join My Live Virtual Tours

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You can also purchase a private virtual tour for $250 per party!

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Moscow Virtual Tour

Join me for a virtual tour of the Russian capital over Zoom. I will be using 360 panoramic views and exclusive pictures to make you feel like you really are in Moscow! 

Virtual Tour of 

This tour will be a perfect opportunity for you to see all the highlights of this gorgeous city of glorious royalty, majestic canal views, and onion-shaped domes. 

Summer Palaces of Russian Tsars

Join me to explore the gorgeous residences of the Russian royal family outside of St. Petersburg.  The tour includes three estates: Catherine’s palace (Pushkin), Peterhoff and Pavlovsk.

Virtual Tour of the Hermitage

Join me for a virtual tour of the Hermitage, one of the most famous museums in the world, located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Virtual Canal Cruise in St. Petersburg

Join me for a virtual canal cruise in St. Petersburg over Zoom. St. Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North because of its beautiful rivers and canals. A lot of the gorgeous buildings in our city were built to be seen from the water. 

Yusupov Palace and Faberge Museum Virtual Tour

On this tour, I will take you to 2 lesser known, but wonderful museums in St. Petersburg, The Yusupov Palace and The Faberge Museum. 

The Hermitage: Art 
Only — Online Tour

This tour is for those who want to dive deeper into the artworks in the Hermitage. 

Russia for Kids – Virtual Field Trip

This virtual field trip to Russia is for kids up to 12 years old. We will use our imagination, 360-degree panoramic views, games and dancing to learn about a country halfway across the world with a different culture. 

Watch recorded versions of my tours

If you don't want to wait and prefer to watch the tours when it's convenient for you, then the recorded versions of my tours are the perfect product for you! For just $10, you get a video recording and a PDF file listing the main highlights of the tour. To find out more and purchase the recordings, click here.

Virtual tour gift certificates

Give your loved ones the gift of virtual travel! A gift certificate is a free pass to any of my virtual tours. Once the purchase is made, you will have a chance to download the gift certificate (it's a PDF file). The receiver of the gift certificate can contact me to use it to attend any virtual tour for free! There is no time limit on using the certificate!

Click here to purchase.

The Hermitage Online course

This is a deep dive into the museum's collection, covering every department. There are so many interiors, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and - OF COURSE - amazing stories behind all these things.

The course is available on an online platform, and you can access it any time it's convenient for you. It consists of video lessons and PDF files to support them. You can listen to them all or choose only the ones that sound interesting to you.

To see the list of topics, see a sample of one of the modules, and to purchase the course, click here.

Our reviews

Fascinating views and extra details; almost better than being there!


Olga Cardamone's virtual tours of Russia are not to be missed! I have participated in all her tours since discovering them this July, and recommend them to all my friends.

You know, I have actually been to some of these places, but was often tired from standing in line and certainly did not see things up close nor in the great detail she provides. I have learned so much. I'm a total fan! Olga is a charming and clear teacher, and her background knowledge is comprehensive. I can't wait to attend her future tours.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                From Tripadvisor

Awesome Virtual Tours of Russia!!


With the effect of COVID-19 on the Travel Industry I was searching the internet for ways to satisfy my love of travel. I stumbled on a virtual tour of the Hermitage being provided by Olga of Eagle Travel Tours to Russia. At first I was skeptical but Olga did an excellent job of guiding us through the tour. I felt as if I was physically there at the Hermitage.

Since that first virtual tour with Olga, I have signed up for additional tours and have invited my family members to experience the same. Olga’s extensive knowledge, her passion and her excellent narration, helps you to escape the feeling of isolation during this pandemic if only for an hour. My desire to visit Russia and the many places we have explored virtually with Olga has definitely increased. I can’t wait for my next virtual tour with Olga and Eagle Travel Tours to Russia.

If you have not embarked on a virtual tour, start with Eagle Travel Tours to Russia. You will be pleasantly surprised.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               From Tripadvisor

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What exactly is a virtual tour?

I conduct virtual tours from my home in California using 360 virtual views, videos, and historic pictures. The platform I use for virtual tours is ZOOM. 

This format allows me to insure the best possible connection and that you can experience Russia to the fullest from the comfort of your own home. 

How are the virtual tours different from the stuff we can find on the Internet for free?

It’s all about the narration! As a well-read licensed tour guide, I share lots of stories and fascinating facts about the things we are seeing, helping you notice little hidden details.

My tours are also interactive! You are welcome to ask any questions to enrich your experience.

How do I book a tour with you?

The easiest way to do it is by clicking this link, where you can find my schedule and links to purchase tickets.

You can also email me directly at olgacardamone@gmail.com. I also accept payments via PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo.

Can you provide a private virtual tour for my family or friends?

Yes! Private virtual tours are perfect for parties and special events, or as a gift! The beauty of a private tour is that it can happen on your schedule, whichever time and date is convenient for you! I can also adjust the content of your private tour to your preferences: it can be any of my classical tours or their combination, as well as a tour of any other Russian museum or city of your choice.

To book a private virtual tour, email me directly at olgacardamone@gmail.com

What is your cancellation policy?

If you purchase a ticket to join a group tour, you are entitled to cancel or reschedule your tour up until 1 hour before it starts. 

In case you book a private tour, you are entitled to a 50% refund or to reschedule the tour in case you notify me at least 1 hour in advance.

Can I purchase one of your virtual tours as a gift for someone?


Giving a gift of virtual travel is a great idea! You can get a gift certificate either to join one of my scheduled tours (19-25 USD per person) or for a private tour ($250 per party). 

All you need to do is email me at olgacardamone@gmail.com, and I will send you a beautiful gift certificate you can use!

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