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9 Days Tour - "Escape to Siberia"

"Escape to Siberia" is for those people who want to get away from civilization, discover the center of Asia (and Russia), see a real life of russian people and visit one of the most unique place in the world - Lake Baikal!

Tour program

Day 1 - (It must be FRIDAY!) – Relaxed day to get used to jet lag

Morning arrival to Irkutsk city

Transfer from the airport to your hotel (by private car/minibus and a guide)

In the afternoon: Meeting with a friendly guide at your hotel for 3 hours City Tour(by car and walk)

You'll see: 

  • One of the oldest city in Siberia
  • Place where Englishman built second Irkutsk fortress
  • Orthodox churches built by Buddhists
  • Small St. Petersburg in the middle of Siberia
  • The oldest cemetery with the graves of Decembrist (first russian revolutionaries)
  • Historical places of Irkutsk
  • "130th quarter" (old style district)

Evening: Party time! You may visit local pub with live music (Cover band playing popular Russian and foreign music). 

Day 2 - Listvyanka

09:00 Check out and Transfer to "Taltsy" museum

10:00-11:30 Excursion to "Taltsy" museum 

You'll see: 

  • How Siberia looked like in XVI-XIX centuries
  • Siberian fortress and peasants houses of XVI century
  • House of native people The Buryats (yurt)

12:00 Excursion to "Baikal museum" (Listvyanka)

You'll see:

  • Aquarium with Baikal seals and fishes
  • Baikal sand and microorganisms in microscope
  • Expositions about history, unique flora and fauna of lake Baikal
  • Underwater world while imitation of dive

13:00 Lunch in a local café 

14:30 Water trip along the lake shore with a stop near Circum-Baikal railway tunnels (by speed-boat or "Jaroslavets" ship**) (1 hour) 

You'll see:

  • The clearest water in the world
  • Beautiful slopes of ridge covered with forest
  • The tunnels of legendary Circum-Baikal railway

16:00 Cable way to the "Chersky's stone" viewpoint 

You'll see:

  • The widest river source in the world
  • World heritage - Lake Baikal from the top
  • Shaman Stone (underwater rock)
  • Mountains covered with snow

17:30 Check in hotel in Listvyanka

Visiting local fish and souvenir market 

Day 3 - Peschanaya Bay ("Sandy" Bay)

8:45 Check out 

9:00 Departure from Listvyanka to Peschanya Bay by speed-boat 

11:30-14:00 Walking trip to "Babushka Bay", the "Vnuchka Bay" and Big Bell Tower Rock 

You'll see: 

  • Panoramic view from Big Bell Tower Rock
  • Sea-blue water
  • Sandy beaches
  • "Dancing" or "Walking" trees

14:00 Picnic on the lake coast 

15:00 Walking trip to Observation Rock 

You'll see:

  • Absolutely amazing panoramic view of Lake Baikal

You will have a chance to: 

*Climb up to the top of a hill covered with forest 

18:00 Departure to Listvyanka settlement by speed-boat 

20:30 Arrival to Listvyanka settlement 

21:30 Arrival to Irkutsk and Check in 

Day 4 - Olkhon island - Shamanka Rock and Khuzhir

10:00 Departure from Irkutsk to Olkhon island. 

The road will take about 6 hours. During this time you can have a nap in a car, listen to the guide, enjoy the scenery (forest, steppe, villages). 

We will also have a stop for lunch at a road café of Buryat cuisine. 

You'll see: 

  • Different landscapes (forest, steppe, villages, salt lakes etc)
  • Local road cafes
  • Herds of caws and horses on green fields.

You will have a chance to: 

  • try cuisine of native people The Buryats

15:00Arrival to the ferry line, cross the straight "Olkhon Gates" by ferry

The ferry is free of charge. Another car will wait for us on Olkhon island. 

16:30 Arrival to Khuzhir village. Check in. 

18:00 Dinner 

19:00 Free time: Walk around Khuzhir village, visiting local market and shops, 

Walk to Burkhan Cape, Shamanka Rock, Sarayskiy Beach.

Day 5 - "Journey to the End of the Earth"

10:00 Trip to Khoboi Cape (to the North of Olkhon island) 

This trip will take about 5 hours 

You'll see 

  • All kind of landscapes: sandy beaches, taiga forest, steppe, bays, mountains, marble rocks.
  • "Peschanka" (In soviet times one of the prison of the famous GULAG was located here)
  • Cape Khoboi and Cape Three Brothers
  • Small islands of the straight "Small Sea"
  • 300 degrees panorama of the lake and its widest 72 km part.

You will have a chance to: 

  • Take great pictures and enjoy the view during several stops
  • Have lunch on the coast (included in price) - delicious fish soup (local fish - omul)
  • Enjoy amazing and breathtaking nature
  • Try the pride of Russian Mechanic engineering – UAZ-jeep (quite uncomfortable but very effective car). This is the only car which can handle the roads on Olkhon island.

16:00 - Coming back to Khuzhir village. 

Free time
to have some sunbath at Sarayskiy Beach, relax and feel the nature energy on the lake coast, take a bicycles or twin-hull crafts. 

Day 6 - Ogoi island - the most peacefull place on the Planet

09:00 Water-trip to Ogoy island (1 hour on water and 1 hour on the island) 

You'll see 

  • Sacred place
  • Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment
  • Panoramic view

You will have a chance to: 

  • Go around Stupa of Enlightment three times after making a wish (and this wish will come true:)

13:00 Departure from Olkhon to Irkutsk. 

The road will take about 6 hours. We will have a stop for lunch at a road café of Buryat cuisine. 

19:30 Arrival to Irkutsk and check in 

Day 7 - Arshan

09:45 Check out and departure from Irkutsk to Arshan 

The road will take about 4 hours. 

14:00 Arrival to Arshan. Time for lunch in local cafes with traditional Buryat cuisine. 

15:00 Visiting highlights of Arshan 

You'll see 

  • Waterfalls and the marble floor of Kyngarga River
  • Mineral springs
  • 500-year old larch
  • Panoramic view of Tunkinskaya valley
  • The Mongolian market

You will have a chance to: 

  • Visit the Buddhist datsan/church
  • Walk along the river bank to the first waterfall

18:00 Dinner in local cafes with traditional Buryat cuisine. 

Day 8 - Arshan

6:45 Check out and start climbing to the peak of LOVE (walking up for 4-5 hours). 

Peak of Love is located at the height of 2412 m 

You'll see

  • Breathtaking view from the peak

You will have a chance to: 

  • Lose some weight
  • Test yourself (phisicaly) and your love (if you travel as a couple :)

12:30 Picnic in the forest 

14:00 Walk down 

19:00 Dinner in local cafes with traditional Buryat cuisine. 

20:00 Departure from Arshan to Irkutsk 

The road will take about 4 hours. 

00:00 Arrival to Irkutsk and check in

 Day 9 

Morning: Check out and transfer to the airport

The end of a journey!
You will take home tons of great impressions, gigabytes of amazing photos, get new friends and will never forget Siberia!


This tour is my tourist favorite one. But if you don't have so much time for vacation we can make this tour shorter, change any details you want and make it suitable for you! 

2 pax

3-4 pax

5-7 pax

8-10 pax




820 $


  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • Tour guide during the whole tour
  • Transfers according to the program
  • Tickets to "Taltsy" museum, Baikal museum, Cable way
  • Water trip in Listvyanka
  • Water trip to Peschanaya Bay
  • Excursion to Khoboi Cape by UAZ-jeep
  • Lunch (during the trip to Khoboi Cape-Day №5)
  • National park fees
  • Water-trip to Ogoy island
  • Attention and care about you
  • 24 hours guide support


  • Accommodation
  • Food and drinks
  • All personal expenses


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